Your Perfect Bohemian Wedding from the Designer of Talulah Lee

Lately, the appeal of nature loving inspired “rustic weddings” as been on the upswing. When planning my wedding, I came across this now hugely popular trend and was attracted to its earthly and “back to roots” appeal. The rustic trend has brought with it a new Bohemian Wedding trend otherwise known as Boho Chic weddings.

Brides to Be these days are more cost-conscious and looking to do something different and unique for their wedding. Many also want to take advantage of nature to provide the ultimate backdrop and a no-hassle economical way to bring out their wedding style.

Last year, this rustic style, also known as DIY, seemed to attribute itself to brides realizing that they can still have their dream wedding with doing many tasks and decorations themselves – and have fun while doing it.

The Boho style has actually been around for ages. Boho Chic weddings resonate the free spirit and convey a feeling of unconventional, gypsy-like décor. They are romantic and dreamy, artistic, carefree and much more relaxed than your traditional wedding. Think wild florals, nomadic style, and breezy, whimsical and non-conformist hippie meets gypsy. Bohemian Weddings usually include many eclectic elements, out of the ordinary styling and items that you would normally not associate with your traditional wedding.  Perfect settings include a casual beach, rustic countryside, woodland or a backyard garden.


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Many Bohemian weddings also adopt the look of using vintage decorations to add a handcrafted look and feel. Bohemian style is not strict or polished, and usually mixes and matches various elements, which lends itself to the popular DIY trend.

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What I loved the most at my wedding was the use of burlap table clothes and the mixing and matching of vintage tableware and chairs. There was no set look in mind during the early planning stages and rummaging around at second hand shops for decorations was fun for all family members involved. In the end the mixing and matching of items added to the uniqueness of the day and overall mood.

DIY and taking on projects can make the planning more fun and get friends and family more involved in the wedding process. I remember hand painting old window panels, which were used as barn decoration, and collecting glass bottles in the upcoming months, which would be used as table décor. Many items, which are traditionally purchased, can be easily made DIY including wooden signs, guest favours (I did takeaway coffee beans in paper bags), and mini program books (hand cut and printed at home).

Top Tips Achieve your Perfect Bohemian Wedding

There’s many different styles of Bohemian weddings and ideally you could choose one type of theme such as Bohemian Beach, Vintage Bohemian, Gypsy Bohemian, or Rustic Bohemian. Or it could be even a mix of various themes – since in essence the Bohemian style really originated from finding whatever one could find to dress and decorate themselves with.


If you looking to create your perfect bohemian wedding keep the following tips in mind during your planning:


1.)     Mix and Match This could be anything from your bridesmaid dresses to your table décor or even specific details such as table cards, and guest favours. Some examples include mixing wild fresh picked flowers, using colourful bottles of various sizes, and mixing different coloured serving plates and dishes.

destination wedding photograper NorwayPhotography: 2BRIDES

Bohemian Wedding2.)     Incorporate Nature Inspired Elements For our wedding we wanted to take advantage of the natural scenery. We used old tree stumps to lay out paths for our guests and large wooden slabs as serving trays for our appetizers. Wild fresh flowers were picked the day before and put together in whimsical loose mini bouquets for the table settings. On the dessert tables and and guest book tables there were also flower accents in small vases. Photography: 2BRIDES




Bohemian Wedding3.)     Pretty Hanging Lights Lamps add such a beautiful effect to a wedding and really add to the mood of the Bohemian style. Use string lights, hanging lanterns or candles.Photography: sarafian




4.)     Incorporate Moroccan, Indian, Hippie, or Vintage ElementsYou can get really creative here and incorporate vintage furniture, for example, for your guests. I have seen a rise of vintage rental companies sprouting about where you can virtually rent furniture and accessories in a style that suits you. Scout out fabric and craft stores for ideas and research wedding blogs on the internet for specific themed items. For me it was burlap, which added the rusticness and lace, which added the romance!


 Photography: sarafian

5.)     Choose your Perfect Bohemian Wedding DressThink on-trend 70’s style wedding dresses to free-spirited loose festival-inspired organza dresses. For me it was a strapless almost Grecian style wrapped dress, long and lean with no sequins or train. Some boho brides choose wear a decorative flower headpiece or crown. You can also choose to have a flower centrepiece with your hairstyle. Shoes are usually minimally styled or even sandals or boots. For me it was strappy nude sandals and my husband wore white sneakers and a bowtie. It was perfect!

Bohemian Wedding

Photography: paulliebtpaula

6.)     Think Home Cooked Food! – Gone are strict super portion controlled servings as bohemian weddings are taking on a more relaxed approach to the types of food served and how it is served. You could have a buffet style table set up with guests able to choose what they want. Another trend is having an outdoor roast in plain view of the guests, which can be very popular. A mini selection of desserts such as cupcakes, macaroons and candy instead of the traditional wedding cake are non-conventional options. Many couples have family members contribute some dishes to the menu. The food itself can be simple and delicious but always bigger portions. Additionally the dinner is more relaxed instead of a formal 4 or 5 course meal.

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Your Perfect Bohemian Wedding from the Designer of Talulah Lee

Lately, the appeal of nature loving inspired “rustic weddings” as been on...
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