Our Donations: Piv helps refugees in Leros, Greece

At Getting Married in Denmark, we absolutely love to hear stories about people taking the initiative to help others. That’s why when Rasmus heard about his friend, Piv La Cour, a young Danish woman living in Copenhagen, travelling to Greece to help the refugees in Leros that were seeking shelter from their war torn homes, he rushed to tell us all about it because he knew straight away that we would want to support her mission as much as he did.

refugees in Leros

Over 2000 refugees are arriving on Greece’s shores every single day. Most of the refugees are from war torn Syria where the conflict is now in it’s fifth year. As they arrive, they are provided with little or no reception and as a result, already traumatised men, women and children live in extremely poor conditions.

Greece Refugee Crisis

Thanks to the help of organisations, independent groups and amazing individuals like Piv, relief and aid has reached some of the many people affected.

Initially Piv was travelling on her own, but soon she and others made a group called ‘HJÆLP med hjertet’ Translated from Danish to English to; ‘Help with the Heart’ You can see their facebook page HERE.

Piv Greece Refugee Crisis

Piv’s experience was no doubt harrowing, I’m sure many of you have seen the horrors those fleeing Syria have experienced as well as the difficulties they’ve faced during their journey over dangerous seas in a desperate bid to reach safety. Many volunteers as well as greek locals have often been the ones to console those who have lost loved ones and to be the ones who are called to pick up the bodies of drowned adults and children from the shores many of which may never even be named.

The money we donated to Piv along with donations from others, went to food for refugees, medicines, water, napkins, biscuits, feeding bottles, shoes, underwear, a wheelchair, vitamins, wet wipes, detergents, jump ropes, crayons, a colouring book for a family who had to use their money on medicine. Also a mother unfortunately had a miscarriage and who’s family could not afford ferry tickets…

Donate GMID

We think Piv is amazing to have taken it upon herself to travel to Greece to aid the many that needed it and we’re happy that we, along with some of our lovely couples who got hitched in 2015 could help too.

This is however by no means a happy ending. Thousands are still in need of help and amazing people like Piv need our support, with a little research online, you will be able to find lots of ways to donate yourselves!

As for Piv, along with a friend, she has started a social Kitchen, where women refugees cater food for private and public events. So if you’re having your wedding in Denmark and you need some food for your guests, why not get in touch with EMISSA’s Homemade Social Kitchen

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