Mossy DIY Table Numbers

DIY Table Numbers

We have green fingers here at Gent & Beauty so we thought we’d get crafty with them and create a great DIY table numbers ‘how to’ for you!

Moss is a great organic material to work with. It’s easy to get hold of, there’s lots of it and it can look amazing with many different styles of wedding. These DIY table numbers can be made quite a few days before your wedding and will really stand out and be easily seen by your guests and service. See below for instructions.

Mossy DIY Table Numbers

DIY Table Numbers

Moss, Scissors, Balsa Wood Box, Twine, Metal Numbers


Take sections of moss and cover your metal number ensuring that there is plenty covering the sides and a little more to go around the back.

Wrap the twine around to secure the moss. If you do it nice and tightly, the twine will be barely visible.

Check all parts are nicely covered. If there are any parts missing, place more moss and secure with twine. Be careful not to get any bulges. This can misshape your number.

Give the moss table number a trim with the scissors to better define the shape of the number.

You can make some simple box bases with balsa wood sheets and glue. Cover the top of the balsa wood box with moss and secure with twine.

Tie your number on to the base with twine, the only problem you can hit here is if your number 1 doesn't have bases edges that you can use to tie on to the base. Keep this in mind when buying your metal numbers. Once you're done tying the base give your number a final trim and you're done!

DIY: Created and photographed By Gent & Beauty

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