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2 Brides - Gent and Beauty

One of the first things that struck us about 2 BRIDES is how intimate their photography really is. The tender detailing in their couples portraiture captures raw emotion to a degree we haven’t really seen before outside our closet friends and family. These two have a very definite agenda when it comes to wedding photography; For Isabelle Hesselberg and Emmi-Sabina Forsberg the most important part of the big day is you, your loved one and the bond that you share with one another.

2 Brides, the self styled “fine art” wedding photographers, capture moments that are often surprisingly devoted and as the viewer we are privy to very personal expressions of love.

Couples, their family and their friends, are all captured sharing real moments of affection and joy. This kind of work is highly skilled and its all about the timing. Great sense of perspective and a clever use of depth of field create images you will cherish and share with your loved ones over and over. And yet, somehow, 2 Brides manage to make it all look so easy. In reality the quality of the images they produce is the product of a lot of hard work, skill and attention to their craft.

The photographs Isabelle and Emmi-Sabina create come off as charming, friendly and inviting. Its no wonder 2 BRIDES are in such high demand, and with beautiful engagement sessions and family portraits also on offer, we are looking forward to seeing the next “love in” they produce.

Charming, Disarming and devoted to their craft, meet 2 BRIDES; these girls know that love conquers all.



How did you get in to wedding photography and how did you find each other?

We met when we studied commercial photography at university 12 years ago. Both had worked with documentary / press photography from end 90-ies and was now furthering our education.

We got to be really good friends and over the years involved in each other lives.

Do you work together or separately?

We work together, that was how the idea of 2 Brides really started, we are a team. We wanted to work together and sought out a business that would suit us, hence wedding photography with a focus on creative portraiture and genuine storytelling.

2 Brides - Gent and Beauty

2 Brides - Gent and Beauty

Tell us a little about the destination photography you’ve experienced

Wow, that can be a whole essay but the destination wedding we have worked at has been both challenging and wonderful at the same time. Considering different cultures, weather, logistics and all. It’s a fantastic job but it is no vacay we tell ya 🙂 No weddings are the same and we always end up sayin’, “this has to be the best wedding so far” every time!

2 Brides - Gent and Beauty

What prep work do you do with the couple before shooting an event?

We consider our selves as a part of their “crew” from when we meet up to the wedding we try to be there for them, giving tips, prepping them with info if about how we work and that we are in this tougher, can’t do it without them.

It can be anything really, from choosing a location for the portraits together and educating our clients about the importance of quality light and quality time.

What is your favourite piece of photography equipment?

Great glass that lets in tons of light! Either Canon L series 50mm f/1.2 or the 80mm f/2 Zeiss Planar. Light is what matters!

As wedding photographers, you get round to many different types of weddings, Do you have any advice for couples who are planning their wedding day?

Make it personal, after all it’s all about you, your relationship and what defines it. Don’t pay to much attention to “musts” do what you feel is right and take the opportunity to create your dream day.

2 Brides - Gent and Beauty

How does it feel to be strangers at such intimate moments and occasions?

We don’t feel like strangers at all, we get to know all of our clients, as much as we possibly can via Skype, email, phone, on pre-shoots and when the day comes we are crying just as much as the family of the bride.

Do you each have favourite moments you’ve captured?

Emilie and Magnus epic first dance, they really knew how to perform!

Do you each have favourite moments you’ve captured? (1-2 images)    Emilie and Magnus epic first dance, they really knew how to perform! Charlotte & Dave watching the firework over the Swiss alps at the night of their winter wedding in Leysin.

Charlotte & Dave watching the firework over the Swiss alps at the night of their winter wedding in Leysin.

2 Brides - Gent & Beauty

Can you tell us a little about your favourite wedding shoot so far and why?

Norway, fall of 2012, Nina and John tie the knot in Harahorn Hemsedal. This couple are not only very dear to us but they also created an amazing wedding weekend on the most beautiful mountain top. Filled with part of them, from the personal handmade invitations and paper details to the traditional Norwegian and Scottish outfits. It was a small affair with family and loved ones but it was a BIG occasion and celebration in the most perfect way ever.

2 Brides - Gent and Beauty

And you can see the rest of that beautiful wedding HERE in our ‘Real Weddings’ section

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