Joel & Anna – Masquerade Ball Wedding

140 guests were invited on the day their wedding took place. There was snow on the ground but not a cold heart in sight. Bride and groom Anna and Joel wanted their day to be full of sentimentality and joy. They planned the day to reflect their time spent in Venice, two years previously where Joel proposed to Anna for the third time!

Finally! The 3rd time I asked her to marry me Anna said yes! It took 10 years, a lot of wine and an expensive trip to Venice but now it’s finally happening! If
you would agree to come and celebrate with us?

– The wedding invitation

The couple recreated the feeling of a carnival they experienced while in Venice with a dance group, Branikula who mingled in period costumes amongst guests and of course with their choice of reception venue, VASASALEN at Uppsala Castle. They both look beautiful and happy, thank goodness Joel was third time lucky!

This is an amazing wedding with a difference shot by photographer Karin of LÖNNBACKAFOTOGRAFERNA Thank you so much for sharing this masquerade ball wedding with us!

Fantastic food from HAMBERG .

Wedding dress – LA SPOSA MAYA Brud&Fest .

Wedding dress – LA SPOSA MAYA Brud&Fest .


Makeup – PURE – sewn in silk at EBBA MONTGOMERY



Flower arrangements and bridal bouquet – MONIKA ÅGREN


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