It’s Popular Having Your Marriage in Denmark

Marriage in Denmark is super popular for international and multi-international couples. Couples come from Germany and many other countries to marry in Denmark. Getting the paperwork right is difficult. Therefore it can take months or years to secure a wedding date in other countries.

The marriage laws in Denmark were written so it’s possible to get married without living in Denmark. This is unlike any other country in Europe, and even most of the world. In Denmark couples only have to stay for one night. This can depend on the town hall they choose to get married in. 

Town Halls in Denmark

The town halls conduct ceremonies at different set days and times of the days. This give every town hall advantages and disadvantages. So, it depends on you and your partner’s situation.

At Getting Married in Denmark, we work with serval town halls across Denmark. We does this to ensure we can offer you the best possible experience to you.

Therefore, we have a better possibility to fulfill your wishes for your wedding in Denmark no matter your circumstances. 

Marriage in Denmark for None EU couples

Is getting married in Denmark for none EU citizens possible? Yes absolutely.

There are many combinations of couples, and most can get married in Denmark. In the list below, you can see the different combinations of couples who can have their marriage in Denmark:

Yes, you can get married in Denmark!

Yes, you can get married in Denmark!

Yes, you can get married in Denmark!

What we are trying to highlight here is, yes, marriage in Denmark is possible.
Getting married in Denmark is possible for none EU citizens and everyone else. It is a requirement that you can legally enter Denmark at the time of your ceremony. 

We will get into more details about the required documentation in the section below.

Denmark Marriage Requirements

All town halls have their own twist to the Denmark Marriage Requirements. But they do follow the same marriage law, so we can only provide a general required documentation list.

  • Valid Passport, visa if required and Schengen entry stamp*
  • If living abroad, you will need to show your current residence permit.
  • Certificate of your marital status from your current place of residence. This must be no older than 4 months
  • If you have been previously married, a divorce decree or death certificate will be required.
  • Persons of the Military will require permission from their commander.
  • Original Birth Certificate (in most cases your birth certificate is not necessary)

On the following page, you can read about the Denmark Marriage Requirments

How Quickly Can We Get Married in Denmark?

How quick is a quick marriage in Denmark? The short answer is between two days to a week. Though, This depends on the day we recieve your request, and how fast we can get your documents sorted.

As mentioned earlier, each town hall has different advantages. If you are in a hurry and need a quick marriage in Denmark, then Contact Us as soon as possible, so we can get on it.

The fastest wedding we have arranged was in 48 hours, from the first point of contact, until the wedding certificates were in the hands of the couple.

What to Expect?

Read our Getting Married in Denmark Guide if you want to learn the full process of marriage in Denmark. It starts with you considering a marriage in Denmark, and ends with your marriage certificates in hand while going back to you home country.

After your Ceremony in Denmark you will receive two marriage certificates that are valid worldwide. If you want to learn more about the Danish international marriage certificate, this article will explain in further detail.

Watch this video of our couple Ann Marie & Timothy. It will give you the best possible idea of how a wedding in Denmark feels, The video is stunningly captured by Elena Belevantseva Photography & Videography