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Interview with Dream Sonder

Describe your wedding photography style in less than 10 words.

Aesthetic, Organic & Romantic images make your ONE DAY last for GENERATIONS.

How did you get into wedding photography?

I used to be a headhunter, a flight attendant and now a wedding photographer. How does that happen? I love observing people. Being able to capture the split second by a still image to tell a story is such a magic power. One day I happened to photograph a random couple on the street who I saw the sparks in their eyes when they looked at each other. Days later, when they received the images, their excitement and the feeling of reviving back to the day touched me a lot. That’s where I started. I appreciate love and capturing those small loving moments between you two is the most beautiful thing of the day.

What inspires you as a wedding photographer?

First comes first, it’s all about YOU, YOUR day, YOUR feelings, the way how YOU interact with each other. When you let your guard down, when I have your full trust, YOU’RE MY BEST MUSE! And behind those “the shots”, the good ideas come with spending loads of time of watching films, appreciating paintings, visiting museums. Capturing your love in an artsy yet stay true colour style. Then you have your memory lasts for generations.

What are you favourite types of places to shoot pictures of a couple?

If you are talking about Denmark since you are ready to get married in Denmark. I have so many good locations to recommend to you.  Forest, cliff, beach for the nature lover.  Palace, museums, luxury hotels for the urban enthusiast.  Where there is romantic, fine art touch, beautiful light and shadow, that would be the perfect place for your story to unfold.

Which is your favourite picture of yourself and who took it?

I love to travel and shoot in different locations other than Denmark. Especially Italy and France. The landscape and the atmosphere match so well with my style. My latest favourite picture of myself is from my trip to Tuscany with my family. My husband took it for me and my son Walther who were 6 months old. He was sitting in an old “grandpa style” baby-chair for dinner while I was enjoy the fresh picked tomato in the traditional Tuscan kitchen. It always brings me back to that cozy time in Tuscany spending pure family time with my loved ones.

What tricks do you use to help nervous couples relax for their pictures?

I always have video calls with you beforehand. I will walk you through everything which will help you to be ready for the day. By the time when you will be photographed, we already know each other that you will feel comfortable with me just like a friend. Most of the time, you will be enjoying each other’s accompany, be in the moment and I’ll capture that. At the same time, I also give you some instructions that you can follow and making fun of it. So be yourself and laugh out loud, showing me your emotion, the photos will turn out the most organic and authentic.

What do you feel are the key things that make the perfect wedding portrait?

Your true emotions!  Give me your full trust and I’ll handle everything and create your timeless memory.

What is your dream location for a wedding shoot?

Everywhere you name it! I used to be a frequent traveller and I still am. Bring me to YOUR DREAM LOCATION and I will capture! In 2024, Paris, Florence are booked. Amangiri in Utah and Bushtops in Tanzania – two extraordinary destinations that have been on my bucket list for a long time. They promise once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Embrace the raw essence of nature and its majestic wildlife, fostering a profound appreciation for our Mother Earth. Envision sealing your commitment amidst the untamed wilderness, sharing in the thrill of adventure as a united force. This is not just a moment; it’s a shared memory, an indelible bond forged amidst the wonders of the natural world. Embrace the extraordinary and embark on a journey that transcends ordinary unions, creating a legacy of love in the heart of untamed landscapes.

What do you like to do when you’re not working on photography?

Weight lifting. After all we as photographers need to carry heavy equipment. Joking.  But yes, weight lifting is kinda like meditation for me.  Of course with my little boy at home, I love to read books for him and create the most creative drawings.

What is the most important advice you would give to your younger self just starting out it photography?

Be a human first and then a photographer.  A little bit more human touch could help you to go further.

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