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Interview with Blomsterværk

Describe your style in less than 10 words.

Creating flowers, that connects personality and individuality for every client.

How did you get into the floristry and design industry?

I’ve always been here 😊 Starting as a  very young girl helping in a flower shop after school. It was my call, so I took the education as a florist, worked different places, with countless tasks. And today I have  my own “Blomsterværk”.

What inspires your designs?

People do! But I often, also find inspiration from colleagues/friends, both from Denmark and the rest of the world.

What are your favourite flowers?

Oh, I have so many! And new ones, every season. 😊 I often love, the ones that reminds me of season-change the most. Like tulips in winter time, the first poppys in spring or big and beautiful hydrangea in summer time. But I could keep on forever, with favourites!

What is your favourite part about the work you do?

I love being creative, and being surrounded by coulors and beautifuld scents. But my favourite part is definitely my clients and the trust they put in my hands on their most important moments in life.

What makes the perfect wedding flowers?

When look, personality and surroundings meets each other, and let the flowers combine those three.

What is the most important thing your work has taught you?

That not to are the same – and that every clients need and wishes, is possible to fulfill.

What advice would you give to couples ordering wedding flowers?

Don’t be afraid to find your inspiration and ideas from others, and don’t hold back on your thoughts. No matter what, our most important assignment is to make sure, that your wedding flowers is unique and only yours.

What do you like to do when you’re not working with flowers?

I love spending time in Copenhagen, visiting shops, restaurant and all the other things it has to offer. And I also love spending time in my garden (it is so relaxing for me, drinking rosè and removing weeds 😉). But I am also a mother, in a “brought-together” family, with my fiancée and our 4 lovely girls. I love spending time with them, when I’m not working.

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