Mad Men Style Tips For Groom

Well season 6 just started this week so there’s no better time to get your attention as the 1960’s suited style is so often referred to as the Mad Men style today. Rightfully so, Janie Bryant Costume designer and stylist for the series has brought in all the best bits of that era and adorned the characters brilliantly with garments that enhance and really set in their character traits.

don draper


Take Don Draper for example, his character cuts a lonely figure but his profile oozes sophistication and confidence.

You wouldn’t find one loose thread on that tailored suit of his, he’s a man with a dark secret inside and copes with it by being exceptionally sharp and polished on the outer layers.


Lets not get too dark and emotional here and lets not take any relationship cues from Mr Draper, his adultery and sexist attitude of the day is not to be admired, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not suggesting that before you buy your wedding suit, you go out first and buy a pack of cigarettes, practice smoking them in front of the mirror while you channel Don Draper and plan on which bars are best to pick up unsuspecting young actresses after your wedding. No, I’m referring more to his overall dark and brooding style – be still my beating heart – it is suave and powerful without apology, and that gentlemen, is about as attractive as it comes.

How to achieve the 1960’s style?

tie tackYou need to pay attention to the cut and the small details. The suit should be slim fit and well cut. This is a time when tailoring was huge as it still should be. If you don’t choose a bespoke option, go for a well tailored ready to wear option. A good quality suit will last you years, unlike a wedding dress, if not too flamboyant it can easily be worn again and again with different accessories and without anyone noticing. Be sure that the suit is a good fit, that is so important, if it’s an ill fit, it will make you look like a little boy in grandpa’s suit, seriously.

Think thin lapels, thin ties. Accessories with an amazing watch, cuff links, tie tack, shine those shoes. This is a good time to ask any uncles, your dad or grandad if they have any treasures hidden away that you can use. Think about whether you want to go for a coloured suit or a more monocrome colour scheme. Choose an option that works best for your character. I would say for this style, a monochrome look is best, especially if the wedding is going to be held during later autumn or the winter period. It might seem at first a flat and boring option but believe me it will make a strong statement. A vested jacket and peaked lapels will give a more mature look.

The jacket Don Draper is wearing above was created in a Mad Men collection by  Banana Republic with the help of costume designer Janie Bryant, unfortunately the collection isn’t available any more but there are many other options particularly in the higher end fashion, ready to wear collections. The Lanvin Evolution Jacket is a great example of high quality, ready to wear jackets that are available.

lanvin vested jacket

lanvin jacket

lanvin jacket3

In the end, Don Drapers best accessory is the girl and if your bride is going for a elegant, chic or vintage look, you’re both going to flatter each other beautifully with this style.



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Don Draper: Murry Mitchell

Evolution Jacket images, Courtesy of Lanvin Paris

Tie Tack: Anne Larie Valentine  

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