Luxury Wedding Cakes and Deserts from Strangas, the Dessert Boutique, Copenhagen

These beautiful and delicious desserts are the careful creations of Nikolaos Strangas. With experience in the Micheline restaurant industry, the greek pastry chef has a huge passion for the art and aesthetics of his work; It would almost go without saying that taste is of tremendous importance but inspirations that are drawn from in depth knowledge of French, Spanish as well as Danish gastronomy just have to be mentioned.

Strangas also makes every part of his wedding cakes and deserts by hand rather than using processing tools. A lot of love, care and attention goes in to it and that’s important, when a good desert is known to warm the heart of any guest, that’s definitely what you want to be aiming for on your wedding day!


This is seriously well thought out and meticulous Scandinavian craftsmanship.

       ‘I believe in the beauty of the simple, raw material, it’s purity and the perfect processing. For me, every part is the result of a love affair, and I promise you that you can taste it’

Nikolaos Strangas

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Strangas Website and Facebook


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