Jenny Packham Bridal Collection 2013

Jenny Packham Bridal 2013 - Gent & Beauty

When a fashion designers work is featured in films such as Sex and the City and Casino Royal, you know that there is a little more to the dress than just plain old, once in while glamour. Jenny Packhams gowns are to die for! It’s killer glamour in it’s most angelic form. I’m talking about the red carpet and the isle. A bride wearing a Jenny Packham bridal gown feels as much of a star as the one standing on the red carpet.

Killer glamour in it’s most angelic form.

That’s because she knows the care that has been taken in designing her dress, of the high quality fabrics that have been used, she knows that the luxurious sequins and beads have all been sown on carefully one by one on her intricate, yet elegant gown just for her and only for her. This bride could be walking down the isle or she could be walking the set of a movie, as the next bond girl and thats the thing about the Jenny Packham bridal collection, the dresses can be warn at any type of formal occasion, a bride doesn’t have to conform to the typical notion of a wedding dress and then, these gowns are not for the typical bride.

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Images courtesy of Jenny Packham

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