Italian Elegance, Contemporary Cool or Midnight Cowboy?

Gent Weddiing

Some would say that 95% of the final decisions in wedding planning is taken by the brides to be. Of coarse, the grooms opinion is asked plenty of times, but when it come to the actual decision..Lets just say that the groom that values his life, takes a gentlemanly step back. One of the areas a groom usually has the vote is their wedding attire. This might turn in to a venture that introduces new words and names in to the vocabulary of some formal wear novices.  The guys over at Mr. Porter, Help brake the ice for you with this fine video that describes three different styles .

Option 1: Italian Elegance 


The modern take on a classic outfit

A black classic Dolce & Gabbana jacket

A pleated cream evening shirt

A satin silk bow tie

A slick pair of patent leather derbys


Option 2: contemporary cool


The more relaxed tone

 A midnight blue velvet jacket

A pail blue shirt

A pair of formal black trousers

A pair of velvet slippers

A cream bow tie


Option 3: Midnight cowboy


The smart and elegant

A dark blue dinner jacket

A white cotton shirt

A black knitted tie in textured silk

A polka dotted handkerchief

A pair of black leather derby’s



Watch the video:


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