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This weekend we’ve been having a ‘French Wedding Style’ themed weekend and since we recently announced that we are now offering a wedding planning service, we thought we would whip up a little French inspired styled shoot to show you some of the more creative things we can offer you, as part of our services.

I wanted to create a very loose in form and feminine floral style with this shoot. I’ve been working on French wedding style and dreaming about the Provence for the past few days and I think this was an explosion of creativity waiting to happen. French floral design can vary depending on the area of France. In the country, loose but rounded and symmetrical arrangements are popular and I really wanted to translate that in the table centerpieces I created for this shoot. –  Arezoo, Gent & Beauty Wedding Planning

Wedding Cakes


We can offer wedding cakes that are designed to fit your wedding style. With a number of flavours and fillings to choose from, not only do they look amazing, they taste amazing too!

The two tier square cake offers a more art deco design which I think works well in the sense that the style of the flower arrangement is very loose and romantic, the cake adds a more sophisticated and stylised touch. I added a couple of sugar peonies I saved from one of my recent cakes that I think work well too, they remind me of the art deco period also. I had to add the gold broach, I just love gold and thought that it deserved a vintage touch. 



You can choose from an existing design, or you can have your invitations custom made in either luxurious Letterpress or a more affordable printed option.

Designing the invitations was the first thing I did and really wanted to express that french style but also add more modern elements to it. I think the printed flowers add this and also I refrained from using very elegant calligraphy. The calligraphy I did use looks more handwritten.  I think using a very elegant font all the way would have worked very well too, but in this case, I wanted the style to stay quite relaxed.

Flowers and Decoration


We’re creatives from the inside out, we love nature and crafts! That’s what makes us great at creating wedding decoration. We can take care of your wedding flowers, table decorations and so much more.

The shoot was all a very last minute thing. But I was determined to make a wedding table center piece. The wholesale market was closed so I had to go to our local florists which is great, but not always if you’re looking for something very specific. I was really hoping to find some lilly of the valley which is a traditional flower in France and great for wedding bouquets but I couldn’t find it so I happily settled for waxflower, a spring flower that has a lovely piney scent to it, it really is one of my favourites! Lime green spray chrysanthemums offered a pop of freshness to the mix. I so wanted some lavender in there but my florist only had dried lavender and I wanted everything about this floral arrangement to be fresh. I think the sea lavender I used looks great though, and offers the same dreamy haze that Lavender does. Finally the roses gave a new texture to the arrangement. It’s smooth petals and leaves really break up the varying textures and bring your focus in to the center which is why it would make a perfect wedding table centerpiece! 

Photography: Gent & Beauty

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