How Do I know If A Catering Service Is Good? Ask Sofie

We announced some weeks ago that the lovely Sofie Brink, from Brink Bryllup, Copenhagen based wedding planner would be partnering up with us to answer some of our readers questions on wedding planning and general wedding related situations. We’re so glad she did because it looks like there are a quite a few brides and grooms out there full of questions so here we are with our first.

How Do I know If A Catering Service Is Good?

Hi Sofie,

How do I know if a catering service is really a good one? I’m looking for a caterer that has a different style to the ones I’ve tried before but don’t want to risk picking a bad company. Some advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Anne


Dear Anne,
I would suggest arranging a rehearsal dinner with the company. If it’s a good caterer, there would be no problem in doing so and you will feel safe in the process. This way, you and your caterer can discuss what you like and what you’re not fond of.

If it’s possible, I can do my very best to do some background work and recommend a good caterer for you. It’s always good to talk to others with experience with a company.

If you have any questions on wedding planning, wedding related family issues or anything else weddings – get in touch and Ask Sofie through ourCONTACT page!

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