Holy Sweet, Dessert Book

This year saw the release of Holy Sweet’s, dessert book, a swedish publication full of inspiration and handy how-to’s from one of Stockholm’s finest patisserie’s. Within the book there is something for every occasion, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations, even everyday treats are all deliciously covered by girls of Holy Sweet.

The book is in Swedish, Hurray for our lovely Swedish readers because you guys are in for some seriously lush lessons on baking. Don’t worry non swedish readers, Lets enjoy the amazing imagery, take it all in as some brilliant inspiration and hope that an English version will be published one day soon!

Dessertdrottningarnas hemligheter


The Photographer

We absolutely LOVE the way that Isabelle Hesselberg, one half of one of our favourite wedding photography duo, 2 Brides, has captured this amazing sugary scenery.

Linda and Christina who run Holy Sweet are dear friends and I’ve been working with them on numerous wedding and nothing could have been more thrilling that to shoot a book with them so at that first meeting with Johanna and our project manager Michaéla I just sat with a big grin on my face and trying to grasp the whole thing. We were doing a BOOK, a real book, that world be available in book stores through out he whole of Sweden as well as online. And not only any old book, a lush dessert book filled with goodness and amazingness  for everyone to enjoy! – Isabelle Hesselberg



The Chefs

The keen eyed chefs that create the tasty looking desserts,Christina Erna Kokkalis and Linda Nielsen Wermeling bake everything from scratch and pay extreme attention to the detail in both taste and look. All ingredients are of the highest quality and as organic as possible. They make the most difficult jobs look simple but show you carefully how to do it yourself and give you their tricks of the trade that will make your work much easier.



The Shoot

We started to plan and eventually shoot during June of 2013 and the philosophy behind Holy Sweet is that there are no limits to what a sweet can be – pastries and artwork in one. There is something unique for every special occasion : wedding , birthday and anniversary , but also for that very ordinary everyday life that craves the silver lining. It was in the middle of my peak season, since I shoot mainly weddings, but since this was perhaps the coolest and most fun assignment I’ve ever had I quickly moved around other things in my calendar to make it work. – Isabelle Hesselberg


Order The Book

The Holy Sweet book is an inspiration bomb filled with recipes and lots of practical tips . How to make world-class macarons, optimizing flavor combinations or create dessert table based on different themes. You can order it HERE and I swear to you, you won’t be disappointed, you will be most certainly be salivating and thinking about what kind of dessert table you’ll make for the next bog occasion in your life. – Isabelle Hesselberg

This book could not have been made with out Kodak Portra film. All images are shot on Kodak Portra 160, 400 and 800. I also had tremendous help from my peeps Erica and Christian at UK Film Lab, simple the best lab in the world. They have developed and scanned everything to this book and they are wicked!!- Isabelle Hesselberg

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