Grooms, What to Wear to a Spring Wedding, Tuxedo Time

Spring is in the air, you’re soon to be married and you still haven’t figured out what you’re going to wear. This article is for the man who would take a tuxedo in to consideration.

Tuxedos are classically evening wear. The difference between a suit and tuxedo is that a tuxedo has satin facing outwards on the lapels. Really, whatever you wear at your wedding has to say something about you and the statement you want to make to your bride.  I wouldn’t always recommend wearing a tuxedo if your wedding is rustic/country themed for example but generally, if it’s done well, a tuxedo can be worn anywhere! Here are some examples for grooms, What to Wear to a Spring Wedding …

The Navy Effect

Grooms, What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

The Burberry Slim fit Quilted Tuxedo is on sale with 50% off!

It’s suave, it’s sophisticated, it’s James Bond guys, I found this tuxedo it’s shouts out 007 so loudly that I just had to write on it. I love this tuxedo and if you’re searching for that tux and wondering what to wear to your spring wedding that has that evening and city tone to it then look no further.

This also goes incredibly well with a very popular wedding board I made on Navy and Gold and I’ve added it here as a little inspiration …

navy and gold inspo

Black and Matt

Grooms, What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

PS by Paul Smith, Slim fit Printed-Velvet Tuxedo on sale with 50% off!

Another Tuxedo that I’m mad about is the PS By Paul Smith. This oozes debonair and would be particularly fitting for a very sophisticated and evening type of wedding affair.  This Tuxedo really makes a statement with it’s classic velvet finish and stays fresh with it’s modern construction.

Which would you choose?


I’ve also got together a few other tuxedo’s that are available for you and put them in to a neat slider that you can view at the bottom of this page. There’s also an amazing sale on at Mr Porter Right now, click the image to find some stylish bargains.


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