Where To Go And Who To Trust? Ask Sofie


We announced some weeks ago that the lovely Sofie Brink, from Brink Bryllup, Copenhagen based wedding planner would be partnering up with us to answer some of our readers questions on wedding planning and general wedding related situations. We’re so glad she did because it looks like there are a quite a few brides and grooms out there full of questions!

Where To Go And Who To Trust?

Dear Sofie,

We want to have a destination wedding but we don’t want to push our families too much on traveling because there are a couple of elderly members and some with children. We decided that we would stay in Europe and we really want to be somewhere warm, but there are so many bad adverts on the web and strange looking websites, how will we find something genuine and what countries are best for this? Lena

Dear Lena,

Yes, there are so many bad adverts and strange looking websites and unfortunately I have no direct answer to your question. I will not recommend any one for a destination wedding if you do not have a great contact in the given country. It’s a huge day to plan and language barrier can effect a lot of misunderstandings. I can only recommend a destination wedding if you have a spot on wedding planner that you trust. When that is said Tuscany, Sicilian and Croatia is wonderful places for a wedding setting.

All the best, Sofie

If you have any questions on wedding planning, wedding related family issues or anything else weddings – get in touch and Ask Sofie through our CONTACT page! 

Watch out on G&B for upcoming articles on traveling, honeymoons and destination weddings; how to find the best places, the best wedding planners and how to research your destination to avoid mishaps and keep all your loved ones as safe and as happy as possible! 

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Destination Wedding Italy from Nordica Photography

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