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The Copenhagen City Hall Wedding

As part of writing The Getting Married in Copenhagen Guide, we got into quite some depth of things. One of the subjects that we had to take shorten down was about the Copenhagen City Hall Wedding Room, so we decided to make it a post on its own.

This article only focuses on the history and decoration of the Copenhagen City Hall Wedding Room, if you want to know about the process of getting married in Copenhagen then please read The Getting Married in Copenhagen Guide, it covers everything you need to know.



The Copenhagen City Hall Wedding Room was not originally a part of the City Hall that was drawn by architect Martin Nyrup and finished in 1905??. But agreed to be added, after the popularity of civil marriages had gone up, with a total of 628 in 1905 to 2603 in 1926.

It would, however, take a number of years before the artwork that covers the walls still today would be agreed on. The painter Joakim Skovgaard aged 70 at the time when decided he should match Martin Nyrups Copenhagen City Hall Wedding Room extension in 1926.

Skovgaard understood that the wedding room was for none religious ceremonies and found the that a painted interpretation of the medieval ballad Young Svejdal fitted ideally, painted in the style and techniques of the Old Italien Frescos.

Joakim Skovgaard died in 1933, just before finishing the small hall where the ceremonies take place today. His assistant and son who were both trained by Skovgaard over years, and they finished the small hall and all the paintings in the large hall.

The large hall where previously used as the wedding hall, today its used as waiting and calibration hall. Connected to the large hall is the large balcony that gives a lovely view over the Main Hall.

A little fun fact on the legal part: 

Getting Married in Copenhagen City Hall, first became possible when the freedom of religion was added to the constitution in 1851, for anyone who was not a member of the church or any other religious community. With the Marriage law added in 1922, it became possible for anyone to have a civil marriage and has been ever since.

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