Gayle & Kelly’s story of getting married in Europe

get married in Europe

Kelly & I met on while we were both living in Dallas, Texas in the summer of 2016. Neither of us really did much with our ‘match’ accounts & I was planning on deleting my account due to going out with some frogs instead of princes. 

One evening after work I opened my email & there was a nice message from this man….. It took me a week to respond but once I did we could not stop talking to each other. After a week of emailing Kelly asked me out on a date, July 29th, 2016, we met at Benihanna which is a Japanese hibachi restaurant.

We liked each other immediately and after dinner went and walked around in a bookstore for several hours talking about life. After a year of dating with some low points in our lives, losing both of his brothers, Kelly & I knew if we could go through all these things we could spend the rest of our lives together & our love for each other grew. On September 29th, 2017 Kelly proposed in our kitchen and I said YES!!!

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Getting married in Europe

Kelly & I discussed many options of where to get married either here in the United States or have a destination wedding. Getting married in the United States was quickly ruled out as it was becoming extremely difficult to pick a location as our families live all over the States & no one would agree to travel.

We both love to travel & thought what better way to start our married life together than to start it how we intend to live it, by having an adventure. After much research on my part, I became discouraged our dream of getting married in Europe would not happen as there is a lot of “red tape” to jump through. That is when I found “Getting Married in Denmark” webpage.

I sent a quick email to ask if what I was reading on their webpage true, I could hardly believe how easy it sounded to get married in Denmark. After several messages trying to pick a suitable wedding date, Clare our coordinator from “Getting Married in Denmark” found us the perfect date, February 1st, 2018. We were thrilled!

Our wedding day went smoothly, no stress, worries or anxiety and this was due to the team at “Getting Married in Denmark.” Clare responded to every email, question & concern quickly and in detail, which was very much appreciated as we were both a little nervous about the whole procedure.

We also worked with Leanne who assisted me in finding a photographer & hair/makeup stylist. Both of these ladies were a blessing to us & made our wedding day stress & worry free, which is exactly what we were trying to avoid by getting married in Denmark. Thank you so much!!! We would highly recommend this company to everyone; I promise you will not be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Elena Belevantseva

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