That Dress, Norman Norell

Let me just break out and say it. I absolutely adore Norman Norell. His work and style and undoubtedly timeless and I totally melt whenever I see his it. Did you know that Doris Day turned 80 this year? Yes she did and to celebrate, I thought I’d watch a film that I’d  never seen her in, ‘A touch of Mink’ I can’t say that I entirely enjoyed the film, it’s probably one of the most chauvinistic oldies I’ve seen but my gosh, did I love the wardrobe.

that touch of mink, fashion show 09

Some say “He made 7th Avenue the Rival of Paris”

Norell created the wardrobe with classic designs and extreme glamour. I absolutely loved the fashion show sequence and each time I watch it again, I feel like I’m Doris herself, watching it in pure amazement. The first dress in the sequence below is a total stunner. Right at this moment it’s making my heart flutter every time I look at it.
Something about the colour, the structure and the contrasts between the matt of the skirt and bow and the sheen of the sequined top that almost sits like liquid on the model. It’s designers like these, I just wish could go on forever.  His designs predated some of the bigger fashion houses that later came out with similar designs.

that touch of mink, fashion show 02  that touch of mink, fashion show 04 that touch of mink, fashion show 05   that touch of mink, fashion show 08  that touch of mink, fashion show 10


Norell’s work undoubtedly still influences a lot of the designs we see today, particularly in couture and wedding fashion and I’m glad, I can’t get enough of it!


Watch That Touch of Mink Fashion Show

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