DIY Place Cards, Antique Keys

There’s something about antique keys that are just so magical. Where are they from? What do they open? Could it be some secret draw somewhere or even a door that could lead to Narnia? Treasure! We don’t know, one thing’s for sure, they are totally romantic and something that your guests can hold on to! Here’s a simple and effective DIY place cards idea.

DIY Place Cards, Antique Keys

DIY Place Cards

Image by Kassie Moore via Southern Weddings

All you need to do is find some lovely antique keys, we had a look on Etsy and found a great shop Aniknition that sells keys of all different shapes and colours in bulk.

Place Names

Print up some lovely labels! If you’re not a digital wiz, then have no fear, there are loads of printable place cards available on the web. You can find the printable label above from emruth

DIY Place Cards

We found these great keys that can be bought in bulk from Aniknition. Take a hole punch and punch a hole through the labels, take some twine or ribbon with colours to suit your wedding theme and tie your key and label together. You can either place these keys on tables so that your guests know where to sit, or you can label their name along with table number and hang them where your guests enter so that they can be directed to their table.

Enjoy your magical Place card names!

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