The Engagement Rings and Diamonds of Hearts and Arrows Frederiksberg

At some point during the 80’s in the depths of a Japanese laboratory, scientists crafted a diamond that  held three important design factors.

Hearts and Arrows Diamond They were first cut to the ‘ideal proportions’ summarized by  Marcel Tolkowsky, a master of diamond cutting, in his 1919 book, Diamond Design. Then cut with exceptional physical and optical symmetry so that they would amass to the grade of’ ‘Excellent’ in the laboratories. The third and very important factor was that they were  finished off by being cut in s specific way to produce the accepted hearts and arrows pattern.

Daniel Høeg Bossen’s, passion for jewelry and diamonds with superior quality meant that there was no better name to fit his business, and after meeting with Daniel to talk about his work and art, we agree. On a mild Wednesday afternoon Rasmus and I popped in to Hearts and Arrows Frederiksberg to interview him. I’d already been there once, rushing in flustered on my day off to see what he was all about. I’d been passing the boutique for weeks, looking through the window at all his wonderful and glowing designs and this one day I just literally jumped through the door and attacked him with a request for an interview.

Hearts and Arrows, Frederiksberg

Daniel creates all his jewelry and designs on site and the open workshop is a strange mix of luxury and almost formidable labour with the working of molten metals and a little wizardry thrown in, in the form of sparkling jewels. He’s no stranger to having a shard of metal stuck in his eye and surrounded by his specialist tools and machines and beautifully glistening results in the shop window just by his workspace, we really can consider him a hands on craftsmen.

Hearts and Arrows, Frederiksberg

Hearts and Arrows, FrederiksbergOn the day we came in, Daniel had been working on a small metal ‘soldier’ for a danish charity for children in Syria, The concept would be that the sculptures are sold, and the money from them will go to the charity.’Red Barnet’ It’s in these projects that we really start to see his creativity and connection to the community of Denmark.

Hearts and Arrows, Frederiksberg

And it’s not only for charities, recently Daniel created intricate pieces for the Royal Danish Ballet’s La Bayadère where 17 specially selected jewelers created works of art for the ballet which were then shown in an exhibition. Daniel worked alongside designer Kristian Krysfeldt in creating the design drawings. The finished pieces were silver plated with 24k gold and endowed with citrine and topaz gems and mammoth tooth tusk.

If that isn’t romance enough for you, I have to move on and tell you about a recent request that he has had the pleasure of honoring. Daniel gets a fair amount of orders for custom wedding and engagement rings but was really excited when he was asked by danish footballer William Kvist to make an engagement ring for his wife to be, Christine. William wanted a ring to be made that was worthy of royalty for his lucky bride and didn’t want to compromise on a single part of it, they both agreed to using the classic adage, ‘…something borrowed, something blue…’ as inspiration. This is where Daniel literally sets off on to an adventure to create the amazing engagement ring. He travelled to london where he found ‘something old’ gold coins dating back to 1776 of which he was to melt down, ‘something new’ a top quality asscher cut diamond and ‘something blue’ a blue gem hidden away within the ring. ‘Something borrowed would be the exchange of rings that William and Christine were to make a year later.

The asscher cut gives the diamond the alluring depth and edge that we hoped Christine would fall in love with. It’s set in a platinum mount, which gives it a suspended lightness

Hearts and Arrows, Frederiksberg

This adventure certainly had a wealth of treasure involved, I’m not only talking about the jaw dropping price of the ring, but also about the commitment and passion Daniel held for the project. It’s this type of effort and attention you would like to feel is going in to your wedding or engagement ring because after all, isn’t that what weddings are all about? It’s not that you even would have to ask Daniel to make you a custom ring, he has made his own beautiful designs with the same attitude.

Hearts and Arrows, Frederiksberg

As Daniel talked to us about jewels, their cuts and quality we really sensed this was someone who took an educated pleasure in every detail. Just before we left he showed us around and gave us an insight in to the creations of his molds and the very beginnings of his designs. It was almost as if he had taken us from the magnificent end product at the start of the interview right back to the basic beginnings just as we finished off, so that we could truly understand the nature of his work. Whether it was intentional or not, it certainly gave us a great understanding and respect for his process.

You can find Hearts and Arrows Website Here and on Facebook

Workshop & Showroom

Hearts and Arrows Frb

Gammel Kongevej 135

1850 Frederiksberg C
Telefon: 5188 0442




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