How the Danish international marriage certificate looks

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Here at Getting Married in Denmark, we try to document our experiences and knowledge about weddings in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark. This article how the Danish international marriage certificate looks, is part of The Getting Married in Denmark Guide where you can learn about each step of arranging your marriage in Denmark.

How the Danish international marriage certificate looks

After your wedding in Denmark, you receive two copies of your Danish international marriage certificate written in five languages, Danish, English, German, French, and Spanish. If you require more certificates, please inform your wedding consultant before to your wedding ceremony.

You self, your partner, and two witnesses will sign the original marriage certificate at the wedding ceremony. The original marriage certificate will be kept in the Town Hall / City Hall for 50 years. Your two Danish international marriage certificates are premade and signed copies that only becomes valid after the original is signed.

The certificates are valid worldwide, but some countries do ask for them to be legalized with an Apostille.

If you’re wondering whether you would need a legalization, our best advice is to consult with the authorities in the country where you will be registering your wedding on whether they would require a marriage certificate to be legalized. Every office in each country may have different requirements so it’s good to find out exactly what you will need.

You can read more about the Apostille and the Hague Convention on Wikipedia and see countries that are members. You can also check out our Apostille Service if you are interested in us to taking care of the process for you.

The Danish international marriage certificate

Below, you can see a copy of the international marriage certificate you receive when getting married in Denmark.


Danish international marriage certificate


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