Cannot Afford a Wedding Photographer, What You Can Do

Cannot Afford a Wedding Photographer

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Cannot Afford a Wedding Photographer, What You Can Do

If you’ve come to this page, then you’re probably looking for a cheaper alternative to using a wedding photographer. A lot of people choke when they see the prices of wedding photographers and they do tend to be quite expensive but there are good reasons why they charge those prices that a lot of people forget to take into consideration, such as the time it takes to process photographs after the wedding and so on.

I was a little worried about writing this article because I don’t want to encourage someone who might otherwise be able to afford a photographer, to decide not to use one. I’ve written an article Why Hire A Wedding Photographer which explains the reasons for why I think you should, if you can afford it. This article is for people who either cannot afford a wedding photographer, or for some reason would really prefer not to use one full stop.

What you can do and their pro’s and cons…

1. Ask your friends and relatives to bring their cameras and everyone takes pictures throughout the wedding day and night. Maybe you could buy old cameras or disposable cameras with film in them and leave them on tables for your guests to use too.


This is one of the most popular ways of getting by without a wedding photographer. These days, photography is much more accessible, with great equipment and free tutorials on the web, more people are now practicing photography than ever before and standards are much higher. It’s great to see the wedding from your friends and families perspective and it has the potential of working out really well. Particularly if you have some creative and tech savvy people around you. The old cameras and films could turn out great, especially if you like that genuine retro vibe and it can be really fun for your guests.


Your wedding photos will not be consistent and will look like they’ve been taken by many different people, for obvious reasons. There’s no true guarantee in quality and all of them may turn out bad. Your friends and family may feel pressured to get the right photo’s for you. They may not be as present in the moment if they’re busy taking pictures.

2. Ask a friend or relative you know that is either a photographer or someone who’s an amateur photographer to come and take some pictures for you. Check their previous work, make sure they know exactly what will be going on throughout your day and ask what equipment they will be bringing.


Another popular way of getting by without a wedding photographer. Everyone knows someone who’s a photographer or takes great pictures. You may know the person well and feel more relaxed with them.


There is no previous experience at weddings and it can really show on the day, they could get in the way a lot for example. The images may not turn out the way you had hoped and there’s more chance that something could go wrong. You may feel uncomfortable that this friend or relative is spending their time at your celebration working for you.

3. Find a photographer who’s looking for experience in Wedding Photography. Take a look at their portfolio to check if you like their style


This is by far my favourite choice. The reason being is that a photographer who would like to become a wedding photographer and want’s experience at weddings has probably spent a lot of time understanding the role of a wedding photographer on a theoretical basis, which is the closest you can get to a wedding photographer without actually hiring one. They will likely either do it for free, or for a small fee. They will most likely have a photography portfolio that you can view.


Again, no experience at weddings means that it can show on the day. The images may not turn out the way you had hoped and there is more chance of something going wrong. It’s difficult to see the style of the photographer if they don’t have any previous wedding work for you to see.

4. Find a photographer that will process/post production your wedding images.


Here you, your friends, your relatives can take digital images and then you can hand them over to a photographer you hire to do post-production on the images in a style that you like. This will cost you but it will be cheaper than hiring a photographer for the day and you can do this at a time you can afford it financially.


Again you will be dealing with the con’s of friends and relatives taking pictures for you. There’s still no certainty that your pictures will come out good and they may not be consistent. If you have bad images, post production will only make them look a little less bad.


Final thought

There are always risks to anything you do DIY. But more and more people are choosing to take their weddings in to their own hands and through good and bad, a lot of people manage it beautifully. As long as you know the risks and you’re totally realistic about the outcome, then there’s no reason not to just go for it!

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