Boho Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

For this weeks vlog, I created a boho inspired wedding bouquet and tutorial so that you can easily make one for yourself! I wanted to create something that was relaxed, colourful and fun and I think this wedding bouquet would really suite a creative and fashion forward boho bride.

In this Boho wedding bouquet tutorial I’ve used the following flowers; White Freesia, Red Anemone, Acacia and St Johns Wart berries. They mix to form a lovely contrast in textures that are mostly smooth but are broken up by the rougher texture of the acacia and the vibrant colours of the Anemone. The acacia looks so whimsical  and the freesia really add romance with their delicate white petals and their sweet smell.


I can really imagine a boho beach bride carrying these flowers or a whimsical and boho style bride walking through a lush green forest holding this vibrant bouquet with similar flowers in her hair. These flowers offer a splash of personality that is both sweet and eccentric, I love it!

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