Best Man Speech, Best Men Make a Super Funny Video for the Groom

Recently we came across a hilarious video by two brothers, Rufus and Paddy, along with their friend Ferris, who had created it for their brother, Robin, after he had asked them to become best men at his wedding and the thought of giving a best man speech terrified them. At a Gent & Beauty we absolutely loved this video because it’s funny, unique, inspirational and packed with a whole lot of brotherly love – so we got in touch with them to ask them all about it and we were so happy when eldest brother Rufus agreed to fill us in.


In December last year, Paddy made his first music video as a birthday present to one of his very good friends. Our brother Robin absolutely loved the video. When he asked us to be his best men, being the cowards that we are, we were absolutely petrified at the prospect of having to give a live speech. So why not make a music video instead? We didn’t say anything but the plan started then…the song idea came first, then our friend Ferris loved it and came up with the video concept. 

It took a while (7 weeks or so) and a lot of arguments to get the song to where we wanted it. Ferris made the video in 4 days!  It was a lot of effort and love – I made the blue room set (Ferris helped make the curtains – which alone took 90 minutes) and most of the props, for example, the nintendo hand controls – though it was Ferris who sourced the exact dimensions of them; we sprayed them beige and stuck on a pic of the actual controls on the top because we are perfectionists.  The bassoon was an old piece of drainpipe with curtain rings and duct tape on the end.

The video was a huge success at the wedding. Rufus’s lovely wife, who was also in the video suggested they put it on youtube and when they did the response was phenomenal!


What we think makes a good wedding speech? Being real.  Having a joke or two?! Making them feel loved & special mostly.

We didn’t expect such a big reaction: Obviously we had secret fantasies about becoming internet megastars but clearly we never thought it would actually happen (well, not sure about the megastar bit, but 1.4m views is nice!). We just hoped the video would go down well at the wedding and we hoped our brother and his new wife Helen would be surprised, happy and touched. It was extremely nerve wracking after having put so much time and effort into it, so it was amazing that everyone laughed and were even dancing by the end of the song when we showed it at the wedding.

We’d like to thank the internet community which has overwhelmed us with positive responses.  They are all our brothers! And of course, the director of the video Ferris, who’s just a genius and our honorary brother & the rest of our friends who made this possible. Lastly, a huge congratulations again to our brother, Robin, and our new sister-in-law Helen – we love you guys

We’d also like to thank Robin and Helen for putting up with our antics making the video.  I had to take head shots of them for the masks and they didn’t ask any questions!  Prior to the day I don’t think Paddy and me were much help – we were too focused, and even on the wedding morning I was absent (much to Robin’s irritation) because I was setting up the projector and PA to show the video.  Most of all thank you to them for having such a wonderful wedding and giving us the opportunity to do something ‘different’.  Helen looked beautiful by the way!

Rufus, Ferris and Paddy all live in north London and work together in real life. If you’d like to buy this song, which we urge you to do, head over to Rufus Starlight

We’d like to thank Rufus Starlight for sharing this amazing video with us and taking the time to tell us about the story behind the master piece. Congratulations to the bride and groom! And again, such awesome work guys! We LOVE IT!


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