Beautiful Wedding Cakes and Treats in this Sweet Styled Shoot

What a tasty treat we have for you this evening from stylist and photographer Angelie Hafzullah from Norway. These images are so delicious in more ways than one.

A dropp of joy
A dash of care
A spark of hope
A cup of share
A spoon of trust
A mile of understanding
A blink of patience
An ocean of truth
A ray of comfort
A yard of recognition
An inch of consideration

The bride and groom are styled perfectly for the surroundings. The bride wears a classic tulle and guipur gown which beams radiance amongst the rustic background and the grooms tailored, almost electric blue blazer is relaxed while still sharp and stylish.

This shoot really shows how your choice of table settings, food and dessert can influence how your style is perceived by others, maybe even more than you would have thought.

In this shoot, vintage and regal inspired table decor, romantic floral desserts and dreamy cakes set the mood for a more romantic tone and so accentuates that quality already present in this couples style.

If a more modern approach was chosen to the decor, the bride and grooms style as it’s perceived by the viewer would almost certainly change to a more sharp and simple look. We think this look is wonderful! Angelie has captured the beauty in these sweet treats and adorable models so well! Thanks for sharing your images with us!

Now lets just have a little chat about these cakes, they look amazing right? Where can I find these wondrous creations? These are cakes and desserts from Norwegian based Sweet Sugar Boy Ed. Keep an eye for this talent because a little bird tells me that not only will he be appearing on our screens soon, but he’ll also be opening his own store! So exciting, Scandinavia needs more of these beautiful wedding cakes.

A pinch of glad
A glass of hugs you have to add
A bowl of warmth
A can of grace
A pound of smiles
A twist of space
A pint of dreams
A splash of nice
An ounce or two of friendly spice
A jug of truth
A daily evening prayer

A mug of fun
A little squeeze
A time to please
A hour of laughter
A happy face for everyone
A lot more ‘WE’
A lot less ‘I’
A lot more ‘OUR’
A lot less ‘MY’
Mix this all together in two hearts that beat as one
Sign and seal with a kiss and hug
Inside these hearts you now have found….
this awesome thing called….

Chiqui Babykin

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