Bacholar Party Idea, Brew Your Own Wedding Beer

Brew your own wedding Beer

We all know that when it comes to wedding planning, on the most part the bride has a lot to say about all the elements that go in to the celebration. Without generalizing too much, I think that we can all agree that usually the groom will perhaps like to have a say over what drinks, beers and so on, are served for the occasion.

Brewing beer at home is becoming more and more popular these days and with great online resources and easy access to equipment, the task is becoming much easier too. There are amazing day courses all over the world that teach you to brew your own beer. A lot of them take people in as groups and help them brew beer that day, which they then take home with them to finish the brewing process.

The Bacholar Party, Brew Your Own Wedding Beer

Imagine starting your bachelor party day with a few hours of brewing at a workshop near you. Along with your bachelor friends, you can then take your beer home, store it until it’s time for your wedding day and you, your bachelor friends and all your guests can enjoy the beer you all brewed together! Your guests will love it, it will be a great talking point and something special you can share with your bachelor crew.

Bottle up

Brew your own wedding beer

Once your beer is ready, you will need o bottle it up. And wouldn’t it be great to label them with some personalised labels? You may even consider having a unique label for the brew of each friend from your bachelor party so that everyone can compare tastes. ZCreateDesigns offer great personalised labels for your home brew bottles, you can find them HERE


There are so many fun and creative ways of making your bacholar party beer brewing something that everyone can enjoy on your wedding day, either as drinks or as fun wedding favour ideas!

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