Anne & Robert Surprise Wedding

Anne & Robert both decided that they would hold a surprise wedding in Viken, a small village by the sea in the south of Sweden. They asked photographer Anna Lauridsen to capture the event and the day started in the ‘Simon Arnes garden’ where Anna captured some beautiful portraits of the couple so that the guests would not become suspicious.

Later, while the guests mingled and enjoyed the weather in Anne’s parents home and garden, they were able to sneak down to the beach to take more beautiful golden hour portraits before revealing themselves to their guests.

Then me and my assistant rushed back to the garden to be ready when the guests were surprised by a bagpiper (Anne’s family originated from Scotland) that would lead the guests to the church. It was such an incredible moment when people excited, touched and almost worshipful went in bridal procession to the church, which is located a few steps from the house.
I had to dry my tears a couple of times! At 20:30 in the evening the ceremony began, with the bride and groom proud and a little mischievous came into the church to bagpipe music. A cosy, funny and very beautiful wedding that also was gilded by their friend, the incredible soprano Annie Fredriksson who sang until my eyes became wet again. After the congratulations on the church grounds, all the guests and the bride and groom walked back to the house between the torches and so it was time for champagne, canapés & 50’s music!
This was one of the sweetest, warmest and nicest weddings I’ve been to and I have to say that I highly recommend other couples to follow! After what I heard afterwards it was all weekend successful and what more can you get out of this? Yes, to be married on a Friday is a very good idea because you can cozy up with their guests for days!

Anna Lauridsen



Photography: Fotograf Anna Lauridsen Kullafoto

Dress: Fur coat no knickers

Bridal Shoes/boats: LK Bennet –  Ilse Jacobsen

Grooms suit: Morris

Hair: & Make-up: Goodness, Ulrika Skantz

Accessories: Fur coat no knickers

Bridal & bridesmaids bouquets & other flower decorations: Made by the groom’s mother, flowers bought at Kulla Gunnarstorps gårdsbutik  

Soloist: Annie Fredriksson

Bagpiper: Åke Gullander The Griffin Pipes & drums

Catering: Vikens hamnkrog

Artist Simon Arne’s amazing garden

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