Ann & Martin Halloween Wedding

Halloween Wedding

Tim Burton is one of Ann’s role models, she loves the way he sees things and incorporates the influence it has on her in her every day life, so it’s no wonder this bride and groom chose to have a wedding theme based on the producer. The pair love rock and roll, steam punk and industrial styles, more importantly, after 9 years and two children, they are still totally in love with each other. They really created a halloween wedding that was perfect for them and we think that’s awesome!

I just wanted this wedding to be weird, classy, strange, unusual, happy, in good spirit and all about us and who we are

The Proposal

I was the one to propose. this happened on christmas eve when I was pregnant with our first child,Tristan. I lite up a hole room of candles and wrapped myself in a red satinband along with a pair of nice red lace hipster knickers. On my 8 months big belly I wrote “marry me?” So when everybody had opened all their christmas presents I snuck out and got ready in my candlelit room and put myself in the “lotus”position with a small chest in my hands. In the chest were the rings and over the chest he could read the text i’ve written. So when I was ready my sister went to Martin and told him that I wasn’t feeling so well and that he had to go and check so I was ok or needed anything. Martin got nervous and hurried to our room. When he came in he sure got surprised and shouted out loud: “YES!! YES!!” Come here you silly girl and give me a kiss!!!

Photography Sonia Jansson

I love the way I see the world with my camera in hand. I love the way I feel when I am pulling out the essence of every story. Extracting the Stoff that memories are made of.

Sonia Jansson – Destination wedding photographer Tel: +46 (0)70 231 283 7


Ceremony Venue: Allerums Church in Helsingborg

Reception Venue: Helsing, in Helsingborg, Sweden

Bride’s Dress, boots coat and jewelery: All Saints

Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Groom’s Outfit: Suit and shirt Custom tailored

Hat: Ebay

DJ: Dennis

Stationery: DIY

Transport: London bus

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