A.Friend By A.F.Vandevorst A / W Copenhagen Fashion Week 2014

It was the first time that the Belgian brand A.F.Vandevost had showcased their designs at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The runway show was held in the beautiful and grand, old stock exchange, Børsen which gave an interesting glint of feminine to the style shown within designs that were predominantly masculine throughout. Knits and oriental prints were present, pinched together with high waisted belts and finished off with big boots. These designs would grace every day wear and add a masculine and military edge to a look.

A.Friend by A.F.Vandevorst A / W Copenhagen Fashion Week 2014

A Friend By A.F. Vandevorst A / W Copenhagen Fashion Week 2014

I loved this belt in in fact! My favourite feature in this runway show. I’ve always liked belts with a unique military look to them and I think that this belt even separates in to two individual belts, stylish and clever!


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