1 year of Gent & Beauty

This week we’re celebrating 1 year of Gent & Beauty. This was a project we started during my maternity leave last year, two months after giving birth to our beautiful baby boy. We didn’t know it at the time, but that little work project that became progressively more meaningful to us, was to become a full time, full on, creative endeavour that we enjoy working on every single day. We’ve evolved to not only be an online magazine, offering inspiration for couples all over the world but to also offer services such as wedding planning, wedding cakes, floral decorations and wedding photography. We’re absolutely loving it and excited for the future.

Rasmus and I were in the country at the weekend. It was such beautiful weather and as the sun started to set one day, Rasmus took the opportunity of taking these beautiful photos. Oh yes, and picking me some flowers too! We thought it would be nice to share them with you and to say thank all so much for supporting us. We hope that you will continue to enjoy Gent & Beauty.

Love and Peace Arezoo & Rasmus X





Gent-&-Beauty-Photography-portraits-7763 Gent-&-Beauty-Photography-portraits-7706

Photography: Rasmus (Gent & Beauty)

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